Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much of an update!!!

I haven't had much time to update anything on here. Life has been getting busy.

I've been blessed with being married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I know, all guys say that, but in my case it's true!!

4 years ago, on February 14th, Valentines Day, April said the one word that I wanted to hear. She said yes!! This was the official engagement, but in actuality we had been unofficially engaged for around 2 weeks. Here's that story.

We had tried attending the Temple for 4 weeks in a row, a suggestion from my Bishop. We had missed one week, so we decided to attend 2 sessions in one day. We left for Cardston after April was finished work on Friday and went to Lethbridge and stayed overnight with my cousin, Fergus, and his family. On the way down we were talking and the subject of marriage came up again, as it had over the past few weeks. We both agreed that we would be very happy to spend eternity with each other, but nothing else was said. I still had some reservations about getting married, not to April, but just in general. I had also been praying about whether this was the correct path for me. During the second session on the Saturday, I caught a glimpse of April during the session. All of a sudden I had this incredible "tingling" sensation and this loud voice in my head said "YES"!!!!! That was the exact moment I knew that I was going to marry this woman.

When we had finished and were heading home, things were a little quiet in the truck as April had some school work to do, and I was scared as hell. By the time we got back to Calgary, April had finished her work and we were again chatting. This is the part that gets interesting. As we were waiting in traffic by Chinook Centre, April turned to me and asked "So did we decide know?" I looked at her and said "I think so!" The next week I went ring shopping and found the most beautiful ring. Now I had to figure out her ring finger size. As it turns out, she fit the ring as is.

On Valentines Day 2007 we went to Red Lobster for dinner and the place was packed. We were both very nervous and ate dinner kind of quietly. When dinner was done I asked April to close her eyes. Instead, her eyes lit up and she had a huge smile on her face. It was at that point that I asked if she wanted me to get on one knee. She turned beet red and said no. At that point, I produced the ring and asked her to be my bride! She said yes immediately and I put the ring on her finger. After a few moments of holding each others hands the waitress came by to ask if we needed anything. She saw the ring box and almost screamed. She quickly took our plates and disappeared. A few moments later, her and a few others came by with a piece of pie as a congratulations.

We finished the pie and headed out of the restaurant. I noticed that everyone, and I mean everyone, was looking at us. As we headed out the door a few people said congratulations and some even shook my hand. Strange!!! We then went to April's house and told her parents and sister. Then over the next few days we told the rest of our families.

Since then, things could not be better. I have an amazing wife, who thinks I am the cat's pajama's. I think that she is as well!

April, I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being who you are!!

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  1. aww. that's so sweet! i don't think i've ever heard the story!! i'm glad you guys are married to eachother too.