Monday, May 24, 2010



Why does life lift you up just to kick you in the family jewels again?

After the high of finding out that we are expecting an addition to our little family came the reality of the event.
Firstly, we only have a 2 bedroom condo and Tyler is in the only other room. So we need to get a new house. We thought that it would be good to get one with a basement apartment, that way April's parents could rent out the basement and help with the mortgage and looking after the little one.

All sounds really good doesn't it? Here's the kicker.

We are about $10,000 "upside down" on this property, not including the down payment and realtor fees for the new house. All in all, about $30,000 is what we need to come up with to move. We applied for a line of credit only to find out that it most likely won't happen and they do not allow co-signers on a line of credit.

So now what?????????

We're willing to listen to any ideas anybody might have.

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  1. i'm sorry to hear that. it's tough being a grown-up isn't it?